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Consumer disclosure

Consumer disclosure

It is important to us that our bicycle and rider insurance is right for you. To be eligible for Chain Reaction Insurance program, you must be a UK resident aged 18 years and older. To help us swiftly process any claim you may need to make, you must ensure that all the details you provide are accurate and to the best of your knowledge.

Our insurance partners

Who delivers our insurance?

At Chain Reaction we go to great lengths to offer you the best cycling products at the best prices in the world. The same goes for our insurance program: To provide you with the best cyclist specific insurance in the world, we simply partnered with the leading specialist cyclist insurance provider in the world. Importantly this company is run and staffed by passionate cyclists at Chain Reaction Insurance.

Who are our underwriters?

The Chain Reaction Insurance program is underwritten and issued by Red Sands Insurance Company (Europe) Ltd.

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Our insurance products

Rider Insurance

Cyclist cover for less than £3 per month

Designed to protect you, the rider, get third party liability and personal accident cover.

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Bicycle Insurance

Flexible bike protection whatever your ride starting as low as £2.89 per month

Accidental damage, theft and new for old replacement cover for all rides, with optional extras to customise the policy to your needs.

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E-bike Insurance

The benefits of bike insurance + that all-important battery cover

Complete coverage for your e-bike whilst at home and away, so you can do what you love with absolute peace of mind.

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