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    For bicycles purchased new, we suggest listing them at the recommended retail price. For second-hand bicycles, we recommend listing them at their market value, the price usually paid for a bicycle of the same age, type, and condition as yours. Please include any custom bike components in your total bike value and specify these components under "Custom parts" on the next page.
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    • Theft from home
    • Theft away from home
    • Accidental damage
    • Malicious damage
    • Road hazard cover
    • Active Cover
    • Deductable / Excess up to £100
    • Worldwide Cover extension
    • Replacement cycle hire extension
    • E-Bike Battery
    • Personal Accident
    • Hospital Cash
    • Active Cover
    • Worldwide Cover
    • Emergency Private Medical Cover
    • Emergency Dental Cover
    • Emergency Physiotherapy
    • Breakdown Assist
    • Third Party Liability